Roles of Group Members: Perceptions, Expectations & Conflict

Roles of Group Members: Perceptions, Expectations & Conflict
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Rob Wengrzyn
Groups are made up of people who each have their own perceptions and expectations of the group and its work. If those perceptions and expectations are not met, conflict can arise. In this lesson, we'll identify the types of roles in groups and see the interplay of expectations, perceptions and conflict within a group.

Groups Are the Sum of Their Parts

It's time to break out the time machine and go back to a time when you were in a group. This could be a formal work group, like a time when you were put into a group in school in order to complete an assignment or project, or an informal social group, like a time you and your friends were trying to work together to solve a problem. Now, think about the people in the group, as well as their perceptions, expectations and any conflict that might have been present. Additionally, as it relates to perceptions, expectations and conflict, I want you to think about the roles each person had (or thought they had) in the group.

Getting this picture in your mind will help you as we work through this lesson. You will begin to identify the concepts and traits we will be discussing as they relate to the group members you are thinking about. Taking these concepts and attaching them to the group members you have in your mind will help you to remember the concepts and see the picture much more clearly.

Role Perception, Expectations and Conflict

Every group has members that serve specific roles. It makes no difference if that group is a formal group in business or a social group - those roles are still present. We have the leaders, the followers, the loafers and just about everything in between. What is interesting is each team member that has one of these roles has a perception as to how the group should function. That is where perception, expectations and conflict can reside.

To help get an understanding of these aspects, let's break them down a little bit more:

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