Roles & Qualities of an Office Manager

Instructor: Joelle Mumley
The office manager is one of the few people in the office who interacts with the whole company. It takes a special person to be a successful office manager. Learn more about this critical role in this lesson. Updated: 06/21/2022

Office Manager

An office manager is the person responsible for managing an office and keeping the company running smoothly. Not everybody is fit to be an office manager. The duties of this job are often as diverse as the company itself. While most departments keep to themselves and don't have a need to interact much with other departments, the office manager needs to interact with all the departments and fully understand what's going on in each department. Besides the CEO of a company, no one knows the ins and outs better than the office manager. In this lesson, you'll learn about the roles and qualities of an office manager. You'll also see what a typical day as an office manager is like.

Roles of an Office Manager

Office managers are responsible for running the office, keeping office supplies stocked, and making sure the company stays profitable. That's right, office managers also work with CFOs and other financial executives of the company to make sure company expenses stay within budget. Why? Because the office manager interacts with all the departments of a company. They make sure each department knows what they need to do. They also collect financial and work reports from all departments. It is the office manager who interviews, selects, and then places employees in different departments of a company. The office manager is also the role model of the company. He or she coaches, counsels, and disciplines others as needed to ensure productivity and a healthy work environment.

A typical job description for an office manager might be the following:

  • Maintain office functions by organizing and monitoring staff.
  • Keep the office organized to increase office efficiency.
  • Maintain critical records for the company and maintain a procedure for the handling of sensitive data including storage and disposal.
  • Prepare reports to keep management informed of the activities of the company.
  • Schedule, assign, and oversee employees.
  • Prepare the annual budget and plan purchases to stay within the budget.
  • Maintain a team spirit and a healthy work environment.

Qualities of an Office Manager

From the job description of an office manager, it's clear that along with this diverse set of roles comes a diverse set of qualities that the office manager needs to possess. In order to fulfill all of the roles and responsibilities, an office manager needs to be flexible, fair, supportive, a strong organizer, initiator, and a good decision maker.

Since the office manager is the one that keeps the office and the company moving along, he or she needs to be supportive to all departments and team members. Office managers need to be hard workers so that when they delegate, people are willing to respond and help. And because they need to communicate with everybody in the company, office managers must have excellent communication and people skills. Flexibility is definitely required in the communication field since office managers must adjust their communication style to suit the needs of the individual team member.

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