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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapters 3 & 4 Summaries

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Instructor: Sarah Garrett

Sarah has taught secondary English and holds a master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction

Have you ever wanted to get revenge on someone who did you wrong? Well in Chapters three and Four of ''Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry'' by Mildred D. Taylor, the Logan children seek revenge, Stacey and T.J. get in a fight, and we learn more about the Logan land and the Wallace store owners. Updated: 05/25/2023

Chapter Three

Chapter Three of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor opens at the end of October. The town has gone without rain for two months and now it's been pouring rain for days. Cassie, the protagonist and narrator, tells of the drudgery of going back and forth to school in the rain. She complains that the Jefferson Davis school bus still runs them off the road everyday and soaks them with the sludge from the road. She remarks that this humiliation bothers Little Man the most.

Little Man asked his mother the first day of school why their school didn't have buses and she replied that the county did not provide buses for its black students, and that almost all the money for the school came from local black churches. Enduring this day after day grates on Little Man and he finally has a heated conversation with Big Ma. Big Ma tells him not to worry and to get a good education, and one day his life will be better.

That night it pours rain again and it is still drizzling the next morning. The Logan and Avery children leave early hoping to avoid the bus. On their walk to school, they see Mr. Granger's vehicle and jump to avoid it. Instead of waiting there to avoid the bus, T.J. suggests that since they left early, they should make it past the narrow part of the road before the bus comes, and the others reluctantly follow. Five minutes later, they have to dive out of the bus's way, and everyone gets sopping wet. When they get to the schoolyard, Stacey tells all of his siblings to meet him at the tool shed at lunch.

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Stacey tells his siblings that he has a plan to get the school bus to stop splashing them. At lunch, they meet at the tool shed and grab shovels. They walk to where the bus ran them off the road and dig out a section to make it look like it was washed out. They fill up the hole with water level to the road. They are essentially creating a giant pothole that the bus driver will not be able to see, in hopes of messing up the bus.

The children return to school and wait for the afternoon. It continues to rain, and by the time school is out, there is water across the entire road, making the hole nearly impossible to see. The Logan children hide in the bushes beyond the road and wait for the bus. When the bus comes, it does hit the hole, and it cracks the axle and fills the engine with water. Much to the dismay of the white children, they have to walk home in the mud and the rain. Mr. Grimes, the bus driver, tells the students they may have to walk for weeks until the bus is fixed.

Later That Evening

At dinner that night, their mother discusses the bus getting stuck. Their mother admits she's glad it happened and the children attempt to control their laughter. Later in the evening, while the children are studying, there is a knock on the door. It is Joe Avery, T.J. and Claude's father. He warns them that, ''It''s them again. They's ridin' tonight.'' Mrs. Logan's face goes pale and sends the children to bed. The children are put in their rooms and in a desperate attempt to listen, they hear bits of Mr. Avery and their mother's conversation.

Mrs. Logan asks why they are riding, and Mr. Avery begins to talk about Mr. Grimes, and then the children can't hear anymore. The children are afraid that they started something by washing out the road. The children fake like they are sleeping when the adults come to check on them. Big Ma comes into Cassie's room and pulls up a chair to look out of the window.

A few hours later, Cassie wakes up and notices Big Ma is missing. She goes on the porch to look for her, slips, and lands on the family dog. After regaining her composure, she looks up and in the distance sees seven sets of headlights coming. The lead car stops, walks up the drive, and looks around. Determining that they are not in the right place, all of the cars leave and Cassie finally breathes again. Soon, she sees Mr. Morrison appear from the darkness with a shotgun. Cassie returns back to her room and eventually nods off to sleep at dawn.

Chapter 4: Cheating

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