Roman Inventions: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Angela Burke

Angela has over ten years of teaching experience in Special Education, classroom teaching and GT. She has a master's degree in Special Ed with an emphasis in Gifted.

Imagine life without roads! The ancient Romans were the inventors of many things we use today. Find out about their amazing inventions in this lesson.


Can you remember the last time you traveled down a road? Or flushed a toilet? How about pulled on a pair of socks? Every day we use something that the Romans invented! Inventions are the creation of a product or a process for the first time. The Romans created many brilliant inventions.

The Romans lived in the city of Rome, Italy, which was founded in 753 BC. The Romans conquered vast amounts of land and became an empire. The Romans adopted many ideas from other parts of the world, but they were also great inventors.


As the saying goes, ''All roads lead to Rome.'' This means that all paths lead to the center of things, which was true during Roman times! In fact, the Romans built 55,000 miles of paved highways that led to Rome. They even used road signs and mile markers. The roads helped connect the empire and allowed for goods, soldiers and information to pass along quickly.

Ancient Roman road
Roman Road


How would you know what day it was if you didn't have a calendar? Would you remember your own birthday? How about your favorite holiday? We can thank the Romans for inventing the Julian calendar, which has 365 days and twelve months and is based on the solar year. The calendar was named after Julius Caesar, a notable Roman general and dictator. In fact, the month of July was named after him.


What is one of strongest building materials available? Concrete! The Romans needed a material that was long lasting. They developed a form of concrete that when mixed with volcanic rock would not fall apart. To this day, you can visit Rome and see the remains of sound architectural structures. These include the Pantheon, which was a temple, and the Colosseum, which was a stadium built for watching Gladiator fights.

The Pantheon in Rome is still standing after 2,000 years!

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