Round Robin Writing Exercises & Prompts

Instructor: Abigail Cook
Round robin writing is a fun way to get your students engaged and excited about writing their own stories. Let's review the basics of round robin writing and look at prompts you may use to get your class motivated.

Round Robin Writing

Round robin writing is a learning activity where students work together to create their own story. The purpose of this activity is to get students to work cooperatively, practice creativity, and work on writing skills in a fun and engaging way. The steps of round robin writing go like this:

1. Split the class into groups of three to five students.

2. Provide a writing prompt to be the topic of their story.

3. Have one student start the story by writing a sentence.

4. This student will then pass the paper to the student on their right.

5. This student reads the first sentence, and writes a sentence to describe what happens next.

6. The paper is passed around the circle to each student, who add their own sentences to contribute to the story.

7. The activity ends when time is up, or when the story is finished.

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