RTI Assessments for Math

Instructor: Heather Turner

Heather has taught for 10 years as a lead special education teacher and Educational Diagnostician for a district. She has a doctorate in Curriculum Studies.

Response to Intervention (RTI) uses assessments to monitor student achievement. This lesson explains the different types of math assessments schools and teachers can use for RTI.

Purpose of RTI Assessments

The Elementary School of Excellence (ESE) is dedicated to helping all students succeed. For that reason, ESE plans to implement Response to Intervention (RTI) assessments to identify students who are above, below or on grade level in a variety of content areas.

According to RTI requirements, periodic benchmarks, or assessments, are given to students several times a year to determine who is not performing at an adequate level. These assessments are frequently quick, timed probes that require only a few minutes of time to measure each skill. Some lengthier assessments do exist; however, they can be given to the entire class at once.

Assessments for Math

At the elementary school level, math calculation and math reasoning are the two math domains that are tested. ESE recognizes that a variety of companies and programs provide RTI math assessments. Therefore, the school uses the RTI screening tools chart provided by the Center of Response to Intervention to compare the math assessment programs.

After researching the different program options, ESE realizes that there are different math assessments for each grade to assess grade-level skills. Following is a list of the different types of math assessments for math calculation and math reasoning.

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