Sales Strategy: Plan, Template & Examples

Instructor: Rana Abourizk

Rana has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a Doctorial Degree. She has been teaching online for over a year. She has a strong business background.

Sales strategies help sales professionals work towards making their goals. Many businesses make a plan and stick to it. Today, I will talk about a sales plan, provide a template, and example.

Sales Strategy: Creating a Plan

A sales strategy is the overall scheme a company pursues to grow revenue or expand its market. A sales plan consists of goals, tactics, and activities involved in achieving the objectives of the larger strategy. Each activity in the sales plan is necessary to obtain the goal or aim. Customers need to want the product for it to sell. Salespersons should find that need by asking questions, presenting their products and services well and having a plan. The goods and services need to be competitive or offer something appealing. Promotion can also help attract the customer. The sales plan helps sales professionals track and monitor the progress towards their goal. It can be updated daily to ensure progress is measured all the time, and the salesperson is on target to make his or her goals.

Sales Plan Example

Fran is a sales professional at a financial institution. She has a monthly goal to meet. Goal- setting is very important. She has to find out what needs to be attained and put goals into place that are reachable in the required period. This months' goals are higher because it is back to school time. She has to open about one hundred student accounts, twenty credit cards, and fifty savings accounts. She uses a sales plan to make sure she has something to go by. Each day she had to visit at least two schools and offer accounts. These were required behaviors she had to do to meet her goals. She also had to call existing clients and inform them of the referral program. These are the behaviors she must do. They are actions she has to do to achieve goals. Her scheduled time is about six hours a day. She leaves the last two hours to return and open the accounts. Her targets were the two big schools in the area. These were certain customers that she had to focus on. She had one month to open 100 accounts. This was her time frame or a set period that goals are due. This is the time which salespeople must be aware of and adhere to. She makes sure to divide her goal by the days she works. Each week she knows she must open at least 25 accounts, five credit cards, and ten savings accounts.

Sales Template


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