Sample Teacher Resignation Letter to Parents

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Writing a letter of resignation can be a daunting task, especially if the letter is to the families of your students. Get guidance for creating a letter of resignation that communicates your thoughts and feelings in a professional manner.

A Letter of Resignation

Making a professional move can be an exciting time. Maybe you're changing grade levels, or perhaps you secured a job closer to where you live. Perhaps you're moving up the corporate latter, or maybe you're moving across the country. There are many things to do to prepare for this move, but the first thing you may want to consider doing is preparing a few letters of resignation. What are these?

Professionals are expected to let their employers know of their decision to resign in writing at least a few weeks before they leave. In the field of education, you may be in a legally binding contract and unable to resign before the end of the school year. No matter what the situation, you should create a letter to formally let administration and families know about your decision.

Why Write to Families?

No matter what the reason the reason is for your decision to resign, communicating this to parents and students can be particularly tricky. Why?

Unlike other professions, teachers form close bonds and relationships with the students and families they work with. After all, you've spend a good portion of the day with these children, caring for and instructing them. When it's time to move on, they'll have questions. Help them understand your decision by creating a letter specifically written to them.

Resignation Letter Criteria

What do you need to include in a resignation letter directed to parents? For starters, let them know how much their children have meant to you. Tell them about a few specific experiences that have shaped your teaching practice. Next, thank them for the role they have played in supporting you in your work with their children. Again, include specific details if possible. Finally, share the reasons for your resignation, detailing as much information as you're comfortable sharing. Close with a wish for a bright future for everyone.

One note before we move on to the template - check with administration before writing and sharing a letter of resignation with parents. They may have specific methods or criteria they are bound to use

Sample Letter of Resignation to Parents

Dear Parents,

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