School Bus Safety for Kids: Rules & Tips

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Riding a school bus is something many students do every day. In this lesson, learn how you can make sure you are safe from the time you get on the bus to the time you get off every day.

School Bus Privileges

Everyday, millions of students ride big yellow buses to and from school in the morning and afternoon. Perhaps you've ridden a school bus before? Riding a school bus is a privilege, which means it is not something everyone gets to enjoy. Therefore it's important to follow safety rules to make sure that you get to and from school in a positive way. Let's find out how to stay safe when riding the bus.

Safety at the Bus Stop

School bus safety begins even before the bus arrives at your stop. When you are waiting for the bus, stand in a safe spot away from traffic. It may be tempting to play a game of tag while you wait, but save that for a safer spot like the playground! It is best if a family member or other trusted adult can wait with you at the bus stop. If an adult cannot be there, be aware of your surroundings and do not speak to strangers!

When the bus arrives, wait until it comes to a complete stop before getting on. Check traffic before boarding as well. Get on the bus quietly and hold the rail so you won't fall. Find your seat and walk quickly to make sure you are sitting down before the bus begins to move.

School bus safety begins at the bus stop.
school bus

Riding the Bus

Would you be able to concentrate if 40 people were screaming and laughing? Definitely not! You might be tempted to laugh and talk loudly with your friends, but keep in mind that the bus driver has to worry about your safety on the bus AND the other people driving on the road. It is best to stay in your seat and talk in a quiet voice with the friends sitting near you. This will help the driver concentrate on traffic and avoid accidents.

Exiting the School Bus

You've made it through the school day, and you can't wait to get home! Remember those rules for getting on the bus? Many of them apply when getting off the bus as well. When it is your stop, wait until the bus is no longer moving before walking to exit the bus. Use the rail once again when going down the steps.

Check for traffic before crossing the street once you exit the bus. The bus should have the stop arm out so drivers will know to stop their cars and look for students.

Do not cross the street if the stop arm of the bus is not extended.
bus safety

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