Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers & Attorneys

Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Search engine optimization for lawyers and attorneys is essential to help increase website traffic. In this lesson, we will discuss how to utilize keywords, how to go mobile, and the importance of blogging.

Increasing Online Visibility with SEO

Is it important for you to get your legal services more frequently recognized on the Internet? John works for the Ewing Brothers Law Firm and is looking for a way to increase visibility on the web. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques help your website reach higher in search results. Search engine optimization makes it possible for lawyers and attorneys to gain more clients as a result of Internet searches and for firms to increase their visibility online.

There is stiff competition when it comes to the number of law firms that are available to potential clients, which makes it essential to utilize SEO to help gain competitive advantage, and help get your practice noticed by the public.

Lawyers must choose keywords for search engine optimization. Keywords are words that will help your company appear when an individual performs a search. Keywords are included in various parts on your website to help gain traffic. For instance, the title of your web page would be some of the keywords you choose to use for SEO.

Keywords are also used throughout your website like in headers, subheaders, descriptions, blog titles, etc. It is essential for lawyers to choose the correct keywords in order to increase web traffic, and should be analyzed when there is new information added to a website. Lawyers can increase invisibility by choosing the correct keywords such as tax laws, immigration, divorce, felonies, or any other technical term that has to do with their firm or the kind of legal services they provide.

Use Local Keywords

Ewing Brothers Law Firm is looking to attract clients from their local area. John's firm wants people in the area to be able to search his company, and be able to find the company's location. It is important for a law firm to start off using local keywords, to help people in the area searching for a lawyer to find their practice. A law firm should start off with keywords for their city and county. This will help draw local people into the firm. If the company is not seeing enough traffic, they should then use a more global approach. Utilizing local keywords is a good starting point for lawyers.

For instance, let's say you live in Tampa, Florida, and have a law firm. To attract more local customers, you may use the keywords ''Tampa Florida Law firm'' and ''Hillsborough County Law Firm''. By utilizing both of these keywords, it allows for you to gain clients in your city, and also in the neighboring communities as well. Once you have developed your online presence than you can move onto reaching people throughout your state and country.

Go Mobile

John wants to pursue all possible outlets for his company and wants clients to be able to view his website on their phones. Creating a mobile website is becoming an essential for businesses with an online presence. A lot of clients are on the go and use their phones to browse the Internet. It is relatively inexpensive to have your website become mobile-friendly. What you do not want is potential clients skipping over your website because they cannot view it on their cell phones. Lawyers do not typically have to redo their website; website templates can often be modified if needed so that the site displays a mobile version when viewed on a mobile device.

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