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  • 0:04 The Four Seasons and Weather
  • 0:59 Summer
  • 2:16 Winter
  • 3:36 Spring
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Pascale Bert

Pascale is a bilingual French teacher. She has a bachelor degree in Education and an master degree in Sciences.

Which season is your favorite? In this lesson, we are going to learn about the four seasons, or 'les quatres saisons' in French. You will learn how to describe the weather and some of the activities you can do.

The Four Seasons and Weather

Four friends are enjoying an afternoon at the park in the early spring, talking about their travels and the four seasons, or les quatres saisons in French. Julie went on a trip to Brazil in South America, where it was summer, l'été, while Véronique and Paul spent some time in Colorado in North America where it was winter, l'hiver. They will tell us about some of their traveling adventures. Then Martin will explain why he prefers spring, le printemps and Paul will chime in again that, even though he enjoyed the winter in Colorado, he prefers the fall, l'automne.

We can describe the weather, le temps, of each season generally. In the summer, il fait chaud', it is hot, while in the winter, il fait froid', it is cold. The weather in the spring and fall isn't so extreme. In the spring, il fait doux', it is mild, and in the fall, il fait frais', it is cool.


Let's go over some more French words relating to each season. We'll start with summer, or l'été.

Julie and her sister went on a trip to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where it was summer. Here are some vocabulary words related to their relaxation time at the beach:

French Translation
la plage the beach
le soleil the sun
manger des glaces to eat ice cream
faire des chateaux de sables to build sand castles
nager to swim

How does Julie talk about her vacation? Let's listen in using the words we just learned to make out our sentences.

Julie says: À Rio, il faisait très chaud et le soleil brillait. (In Rio, it was very hot and the sun was shining). La-bàs, nous allions à la plage tous les jours. (Over there, we went to the beach every day.)

Paul asks: Que faisiez-vous à la plage? (What did you do at the beach?)

Julie: Nous nagions et nous mangions des glaces. (We swam and we ate ice cream.) Il y avait aussi des compétitions de chateaux de sables. (There were also sand castle competitions.)


Now let's chat about winter, l'hiver.

Véronique and Paul traveled to Colorado to visit their family during the Christmas season. Study these vocabulary words to learn about what they did:

French Translation
neiger to snow
le bonhomme de neige the snowman
la montagne the mountain
faire du ski to ski
faire de la luge to toboggan

Let's listen to Paul talk about his winter vacation.

Paul says: Au Colorado, c'était l'hiver (In Colorado, it was winter). Il faisait froid et nous avons eu de la neige. (It was cold and we had snow).

Paul also says: J'aime beaucoup passer Noël sous la neige. (I really like spending Christmas in the snow). Nous avons fait un bonhomme de neige; il était vraiment joli. (We made a snowman; it was really pretty).

Véronique: Et nous sommes allés à la montagne. (And we went to the mountain). J'ai fait du ski et mon frère a fait de la luge. (I skied and my brother went tobogganing).

Véronique: Nous nous sommes bien amusé. J'aime beaucoup l'hiver. (We had a lot of fun. I really like winter.)

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