Seasons Project Ideas

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

Are you looking to study the seasons with your elementary or middle school students? These project ideas address seasonal changes, weather patterns, and the astronomical component of seasons.

Four Seasons

The cycle of the seasons is a basic reality that most children notice at an early age; however, it is also a complex system that bears further study as students advance. From the effect of seasons on animals and humans to the study of meteorology and the position of the sun and planets, there are many aspects of seasons to study. These projects address different topics in the study of seasons and can be adapted for elementary or middle school students.

Project: Children's Book

Objective: Students write and illustrate a children's book explaining the four seasons.

Materials: Paper, materials for illustrating, options for binding

Criteria: The book should include information regarding:

  • Seasonal weather changes
  • Changes in vegetation
  • Changes for animals
  • Ways people adapt to seasonal changes

Project: Reason for Seasons

Objective: Students create models to demonstrate how the position of the earth and sun creates seasons.

Materials: Depending on the age and independence of your students, materials may vary. Older students should be encouraged to come up with their own materials ideas. Options include recyclables, styrofoam spheres, wire, straws, string, pencils, flashlights etc. A simple model could mount styrofoam spheres on pencils positioned with an egg carton base using pipe cleaners to indicate the direction of sunlight; but there are many possibilities.


  • The student should create four models, one for each season. As seasons vary according to one's location on earth, the model should specify a location (i.e. this is where the earth and the sun are located during spring/summer/fall/winter in Wyoming).
  • Each model should include the position of the sun and earth during that season.
  • Each model should include an explanation of the effects of the sun and earth's positions and the season that is created.

Project: Seasonal Travel Guide

Objective: Students create a travel guide that explains where someone would need to travel to experience the same season multiple times in the same year.

Materials: Research resources, paper, materials for writing and illustrating, optional - computer and printer


  • Students choose one season for their travel guide.
  • For each month, students offer two locations on earth where their season can be experienced. (To make the project slightly shorter, students could choose only six months.)
  • Students create a travel brochure page for each location showcasing seasonal weather and activities available.

Project: Star of the Seasonal Show

Objective: Students choose one animal or element that is unique to each season and prepare a brief presentation about each one.

Materials: Research resources, optional - means to make a video recording, materials for illustrations and/or posters


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