Secure Attachment Style: Definition & Examples

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  • 0:00 What Is Secure Attachment?
  • 1:40 Signs of Secure Attachment
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Yolanda Williams

Yolanda has taught college Psychology and Ethics, and has a doctorate of philosophy in counselor education and supervision.

Secure attachment is one of four types of adult attachment styles. Learn more about the characteristics and signs of secure attachment from examples in this lesson.

What Is Secure Attachment?

Janine and Joe are two people in a romantic relationship. Janine and Joe have a relationship that is built on trust, love, and commitment to one another. Both are happy and comfortable with their relationship. They enjoy spending time with each other, but they also enjoy spending time apart with their friends. Janine and Joe are open and honest with each other. They are also able to resolve any disagreements in a respectful manner. Janine and Joe both have secure attachment styles.

What is a secure attachment style? Secure attachment is an adult attachment style that is characterized by a positive view of the self, others, and relationships. An adult attachment style is the way in which adults in a romantic relationship relate to each other.

Generally speaking, the adults who are able to form secure attachments usually had secure attachments in early childhood. They usually come from positive, supportive childhood backgrounds. They are able to reflect on their childhood experiences, both good and bad.

Adults with secure attachments are comfortable with being intimate with other people and enjoy intimate relationships. They are secure both with themselves and in their relationships. The relationships of individuals who are securely attached tend to be warm, trusting, and last for a long time. The partners are aware of themselves and what they are feeling.

Individuals with secure attachment have low anxiety and do not avoid getting close to others. Securely attached adults have positive self-worth and believe that they are worthy of being loved. They also are accepting and responsive to others.

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