Self-Awareness for Professionals: Importance & Examples

Self-Awareness for Professionals: Importance & Examples
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  • 0:03 Strengths and Weaknesses
  • 0:25 What Is Self-Awareness?
  • 0:55 Importance of Self-Awareness
  • 1:23 Examples of Self-Awareness
  • 2:56 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
In this lesson, you're first going to learn about self-awareness in terms of what it entails and how it may come about. Then, you'll learn about its importance with respect to working professionals.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Can you name a few of your strengths? How about a few of your weaknesses? And don't say your biggest weakness is working too hard. This isn't a job interview in 1983 when that so-called weakness might've fooled someone. If you can name strengths and weaknesses, you might be self-aware. Or, actually you might not be. Let's find out what self-awareness actually is and why it's important for professionals.

What Is Self-Awareness?

So, self-awareness isn't simply about knowing your strengths and weaknesses. It's actually the ability to accurately assess and understand your strengths, weaknesses, drives, beliefs, preferences, and personality in a way that enables you to pinpoint how they impact your behavior, yourself in general, and those around you.

This self-awareness can come about via numerous ways. You might have an epiphany. Or, it can come through experience. For example, maybe you tried to build a business and in the process found out what you're good at and what you're not great at. It can also come via feedback from others.

Importance of Self-Awareness

Being self-aware is very important for professionals. By being self-aware professionals can:

  • Improve their judgment skills
  • Identify opportunities for development and growth that are best suited to them
  • Better tend to the desires of clients
  • Increase happiness, health, and thus productivity
  • Increase their own sense of purpose
  • Stay open to things like suggestions that can help their careers
  • Increase interpersonal communication skills, like empathy, balanced emotions, and inquisitiveness

Examples of Self-Awareness

As a leader in an organization, how can self-awareness and the concepts surrounding it help you? Well, as an individual who is self-aware, you are able to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and are able to better judge the strengths and weaknesses of others.

So let's say you are the founder and CEO of a small company. You need to build a great team to help you achieve a goal. You know that you are really good at some things, perhaps managing your time and thinking in terms of the big picture. However, you know that you're not all that great at other things, such as double and triple checking details or schmoozing up to potential clientele. So whom would you hire for your team?

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