Self-Evaluation Form for Teachers Example

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

As teachers, it is important for us to constantly reflect on our own practice and set professional goals. This self-evaluation form will help you think about your strengths and struggles as a teacher.

The Importance of Self-Evaluation

Teaching can sometimes feel a bit isolating, and as teachers, we may find ourselves craving feedback on our work. Of course, it is important to invite others into our classrooms whenever possible, but there are also steps we can take to make sure we are giving ourselves feedback as we go along. One thing you can do is use a self-evaluation form to reflect on your practice. Self-evaluation offers you the opportunity to think carefully and honestly about what you are doing well, what you need to work on, and what your next goals are as a professional.

It is important to understand that the exact nature of your self-evaluation will depend on what you hope to get out of it. This lesson provides a general self-evaluation form that will get you started in reflecting on your practice; if you use it regularly, you may find that there are more specific or nuanced questions you also like to ask yourself. The questions here will give you a sense of the most helpful way to frame self-evaluation.

Example Self-Evaluation Form

  • What exactly do you hope to get out of this self-evaluation? Be as specific as you can in the answer.
  • What precisely are you evaluating? For instance, are you evaluating one lesson, your work with one student, an entire unit of study, or your practice overall?

General Practice Questions

  • At this point in your professional development, what do you see as two or three of your major strengths as a teacher? Be specific, and provide examples of how these strengths play out in your practice.
  • What areas do you think you need to improve on as a teacher? Why do you think you need to improve in these areas?
  • What are three specific professional goals you have for yourself over the next six to twelve months? What supports will you need in achieving these goals, and how will you make sure you find the right support and hold yourself accountable?
  • What is the biggest improvement you think you have made in your practice over the last year, and what has helped you make this improvement?
  • How would you describe your rapport with your students? List some strengths and weaknesses related to your relationships with students.
  • How would you describe academic achievement in your classes? List strengths and weaknesses related to your students' academic achievement.
  • How would you describe your collaborative relationships with colleagues? List strengths and weaknesses related to your collaboration.
  • How would you characterize communication with families? List strengths and weaknesses related to family relationships.
  • If you were to return to the above questions one year from now, what exactly do you hope to see change in the answers? How will you go about affecting these changes?

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