Self Reflection Activities

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

Self-reflection is not something confined to a specific subject or grade level. These activities can help you implement important self-reflection time in your classroom.


There are many reasons that your students may need to practice self-reflection in the classroom. Perhaps they will need to be in touch with their own feelings and beliefs for creative writing. Maybe they need to prepare for a leadership role. Or, it could just be part of healthy introspection and self-awareness. Whatever the reason, self-reflection can be a powerful tool for students. These activities, designed to be adaptable to most grade levels, offer some unique methods of getting students engaged in self-reflection.

Archaeological Exhibit

To start this exercise, ask students to imagine that it's 500 years in the future and archaeologists are putting together an exhibit on each of them, as they really were. Each student is going to take time to free journal about what they think the archaeologists will find notable about their lives. Students will then select five objects that they believe should be in the exhibit. These are five objects that students feel are representative of who they are. You may also ask students to write the introduction to the exhibit, describing themselves from the archaeologist's perspective.

  • Materials: Writing supplies, arts and craft supplies if desired

Self-Character Analysis

For this activity, students will treat themselves like a fictional character from literature and create a character analysis chart of themselves. This chart should map out their personality, likes and dislikes, important settings associated with the ''character'', and examples from their lives where each of these was demonstrated. If your students are mature enough to handle this, you can also ask them to map out character flaws.

  • Materials: Writing supplies


Self-portraits can be excellent for self-reflection, regardless of artistic talent. Below are a series of possible ways to do this. Remind students that they are not being evaluated on artistic skill, but should try and use this to think about themselves in different ways.

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