Sequence of Service in Restaurants

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: LeRon Haire
In this lesson, we discuss the sequence of events of service in restaurants. Learn how following this process helps restaurants provide quality customer experiences.

Sequence of Service in Restaurants

In every industry, there is a specific order or sequence in which things should be done. The restaurant industry is no different. The sequence of service for restaurants can be defined as the order in which service should be rendered to restaurant patrons which best meets the needs of the patron. Without further ado, let's take a look at the order in which restaurant patrons should be served.

To have a better understanding of this sequence of services, let's assume that you are going to La' Eats, the newest, trendiest restaurant in your city or town. Here is the proper sequence of events that should occur as you enter the establishment.

Service Preparation & Booking

Service preparation for restaurants deals with food prepping. Food prepping in this industry refers to preparing food items, ingredients, and related items in advance to save time. If La' Eats opens at 11:00 am, then employees may possibly arrive as early as 6:00 or 7:00 am to begin prepping ingredients: washing fruits and vegetables and cooking foods which may require longer times, such as slow-cooked ribs or a slow-simmering pot roast. Service prep is all about making your experience the best it can be as a patron by being ready to serve you quickly and efficiently.

Booking is important, especially for business establishments, because it allows the restaurant to plan accordingly for seating. One of the worst things that can happen is to book multiple people for the same time because there may not be enough tables to seat everyone. Booking helps to ensure that everyone is served and seated in a timely manner. Your current booking reservation for La' Eats, in this scenario, is for 6:30 pm.

Greeting & Seating & Taking Orders

This step involves greeting the patron as they enter the restaurant. In doing so, an establishment is attempting to make patrons feel welcome. It also helps if the greeter happens to know the name of the patron. Using names is always more personable and has a tendency to resonate with the patron, which bodes well for the patron returning at a repeat customer.

Once the patron has been greeted, the restaurant staff should be sure to first see if they have booking, and then show them to their seats. In some cases, the patron may be asked to wait for a short period of time. If so, the employee should inform the patron that their wait should not be too long. When you arrive at La' Eats, you are immediately greeted and taken to the first available seat.

Once seated, La' Eats will now take your beverage order. Since you are trying to eat healthy, you decide upon ordering a water with a lemon today. Once your server brings back your water, they inform you that they will be right back in just a few minutes to take your food order. This should be customary in the sequence of events because it allows the patron time to look over the menu to decide what they want without feeling rushed. After a few minutes, the server returns to take your food order, and you decline an appetizer but settle on a pecan-crusted chicken dish.

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