Severe Weather Types: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Mary Beth Burns

Mary Beth has taught 1st, 4th and 5th grade and has a specialist degree in Educational Leadership. She is currently an assistant principal.

Weather is an important part of our everyday lives. Learn about different types of severe weather and the dangers that they can cause, such as hurricanes, blizzards and more.

What is Severe Weather?

One of the first things that many people do in the morning is check the weather. Why? The weather determines what we wear, if we will get to school on time and whether or not the soccer game will be cancelled. Sometimes, weather can be an inconvenience. Rainy days might cause us to reschedule an outdoor activity or get our hair wet. However, there are some types of weather that can affect us a lot more than some annoying raindrops. We call this severe weather. Severe weather conditions are dangerous weather situations that can cause major damage to human beings or the environment. There are many different types of severe weather. Some are wet, some are cold and some are just downright strange and unusual.

Wet Types of Severe Weather

Destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans

Wet types of severe weather are much more intense than an average rainstorm. One type of severe weather is a hurricane. Hurricanes are tropical cyclones that form over the ocean. Hurricanes can be up to a thousand miles wide and can last for several days. They are very destructive and can cause major flooding and can destroy towns with their winds, which can get up to 180 miles per hour.

Blizzards can produce several feet of snow

Sometimes, wet severe weather can also be cold, like blizzards. Blizzards are very strong snowstorms with strong, gusty winds and low visibility. This means that the snow is so heavy that you will not be able to see through the flurries, so make sure you are in a safe place until the storm is over. Blizzards can be dangerous because they are so cold. Extremely cold weather can cause people to get hypothermia, which is a potentially deadly condition. Blizzards also make the roads very unsafe to drive on, so car accidents become much more likely.

Other Types of Severe Weather

A dust storm in Oklahoma

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