Shared Reading Activities

Instructor: Shanna Fox

Shanna has been part of the whirlwind world of teaching middle school for 20 years. She has a Master of Education degree in instructional design.

Shared reading helps to provide authentic literacy experiences for students. Use these activities with your elementary students after the whole-group portion of your shared reading routine to engage them in enjoyable guided practice.

Shared Reading Activities

The first round of a shared reading routine often includes a whole group reading aloud. After the modeling is complete, students often engage by reading along with the teacher as a group. The activities below are best used after these two steps have been completed. Your elementary students should be familiar with the text and have practiced reading it before launching into these activities. In the first activity, students read the text aloud and record their voices using a simple online audio recording tool. The second activity asks teams to read and identify meaning within the text. The third activity allows students to work with partners as one reads and the other repeats the words. Each activity works best if students are provided with a text (or a portion of the text) that can be marked up with highlighters or colored pencils.

Read and Record

  • Materials: familiar text, writing utensil, access to technology, simple online audio recording tool

In this activity, students will reread the familiar text (or a portion of it) aloud, marking any words that they need help pronouncing. You may want to assist students with pronunciation or partner them to help one another. When students have practiced reading the text aloud a few times to themselves and/or to a partner, show them how to use the audio recording tool. There are many simple options available online that are accessible to young students.

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