Short Detective Story for Kids

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  • 0:05 Summer's Here
  • 0:56 Time for a Good Book
  • 2:10 Following the Clues
  • 3:06 Case Closed
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Suzanne Rose

Suzanne has taught all levels PK-graduate school and has a PhD in Instructional Systems Design. She currently teachers literacy courses to preservice and inservice teachers.

It's the first day of summer vacation and Kendra's already a bit bored. But then things start to disappear, and she's got to use her detective skills to find out who's taking her stuff!

Summer's Here

Today was the last day of school, and Kendra couldn't wait for vacation to start. 'It'll be great to have time to read my favorite books,' she thought, 'but I'll miss my friends.' Sometimes being an only child wasn't much fun.

Before she knew it, school was over. Her friend Maya waved to her from the window of the bus. 'I wish Maya lived closer,' Kendra thought, 'then we could hang out sometime.'

When she got home, Kendra began to change her clothes. 'Where's my favorite t-shirt? It was here this morning!' She looked through her closet and peered the dresser drawers, but there was no sign of the missing shirt. 'How can I lose that? It's bright pink! I should be able to spot it anywhere.'

After more searching, which turned up nothing but a few stale pretzels, Kendra threw her hands up. 'I guess I'll just wear my red shirt,' she decided.

Time for a Good Book

Since it wasn't too hot, Kendra decided she'd read her new Margot Jones detective book on the deck. She left the sliding door slightly open to listen for the phone in case Maya called. Kicking off her flip-flops, she plopped into the lounge chair and began to read The Case of the Mysterious Mannequin. 'I wonder what Margot will do to solve this case,' she thought. 'It must be fun to be a detective looking for clues.'

A while later, Kendra awoke with a start. She'd fallen asleep while reading. 'Good thing I put on some sunscreen, or I'd look like a tomato,' she laughed. 'Wait a minute! Where's my flip-flop?' There was now just one flip-flop beneath the lounge, where she'd definitely left two!

'This is getting strange,' Kendra thought, moving the lounge aside to look underneath. There was nothing there but an oak leaf, an ant, a bottle cap, and a tiny bit of brown fluff.

'What would Margot do?' Kendra glanced at her book. 'I know! I'll look for clues!' She looked at the items under the lounge. 'The leaf and the ant can't be clues, but I'll save the bottle cap. I'm not sure what that brown stuff is, so I'd better save that, too.' She carried both items into the house.

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