Short Sci Fi Stories for Kids

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Science fiction tends to be a very popular genre with children. This lesson offers some ideas for science fiction stories that teach your students more about reading while captivating their interests.

Reading Science Fiction with Kids

Have you ever noticed that kids just love to read and think about other worlds and futuristic settings? Science fiction is a wonderful genre for children because it piggybacks on their love for play and fantasy, while also allowing them to learn more about particular branches of science. Since many children are naturally drawn to science fiction, it can be a great genre to use if you're trying to expand upon their passion for reading. Working with short science fiction stories will help students become more familiar with the genre, and also allows them to work on comprehension in small, manageable chunks. The stories in this lesson are great for helping science fiction lovers read and learn!

Science Fiction Short Stories for Kids

This section offers a list of stories kids will love, including titles, authors, summaries, and a glimpse into what makes each one special.

Boy + Bot, by Ame Dyckman

This is a great story for those students who are just fascinated by the concept of robots. Boy meets a robot in the forest and befriends him, but then Boy has trouble understanding the idea that Bot is not exactly real in the same way he is. The story is a funny tale of friendship as each of the two characters try to figure out what makes the other one run properly, and it makes for a great way to introduce very young readers to science fiction themes and conventions.

Wendel's Workshop, by Chris Riddell

Wendel is a young mouse who keeps very busy with all of the inventions in his workshop. At the same time, he struggles with the idea of cleaning up after himself. He invents a Wendelbot whose sole purpose is to clean up the mess, but then the robot thinks Wendel is a scrap to be cleaned up as well! This hilarious story will intrigue children and provide a jumping off point for talking about what happens when we get too excited about science and innovation.

Zathura, by Chris Van Allsburg

This follow-up story picks up where Van Allsburg's classic Jumanji leaves off. Danny and Walter are two brothers who role the dice in a magical game called Zathura, and they end up leaving their galaxy and getting into adventures that they can only handle if they work together. The story will appeal to students with great imaginations, and its wondrous illustrations open up the world that the book describes. Moreover, the important theme of collaboration is also central to the tale.

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