Short Story on Positive Attitude for Kids

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Trying to help kids learn the importance of a positive attitude can be a long and complicated process, but it helps to have some good stories to read along the way. This lesson offers a story about positive attitude that kids will enjoy.

Reading About Positive Attitude

Teaching students about having a positive attitude is not simple and yet, it's probably something you will find yourself doing quite a bit over time. One thing that can really help is to have some good stories that support the values you are trying to instill in children, while also supporting their reading comprehension.

When you read about having a positive attitude, it's important to avoid overly-pedantic tales. Instead, you want to look for stories that teach about positive attitude implicitly, through characters and narratives that kids can really think about and identify with.

The story offered here will help you think alongside kids about what it means to have a positive attitude.

Stella on Stage

All year long, Stella has been taking a dancing class. She goes to the studio after school on Thursdays, with her best friend Molly. Stella and Molly both love to dance so much, they even practice when they are playing together at recess and on the weekends.

Stella knows that at the end of the year, her whole dance class will get to perform on stage at a big recital! Molly is really excited about the recital. Molly tells Stella, 'It's going to be great. Just think, a real stage! Everyone will be watching us.'

When Stella hears those words, it feels like her tummy is full of butterflies. 'Everyone will be watching us?,' she thinks. That means there will be so many people to see her stumble and make mistakes. Stella starts to feel like she does not even want to go to dance class.

Stella tells her mom about her worries. 'I just don't want to make mistakes in front of other people. I'm the worst dancer in my class!' she tells her mom. Stella even starts to cry.

Stella's mom hugs her, saying, 'Stella, you have been practicing all year. You love to dance and you look so happy when you are dancing. Try to have a positive attitude. Tell yourself you will succeed and you know that you will!'

The next week at dance class, Stella feels a little braver. She practiced all week and her teacher compliments her on how well she is doing. After class, Molly says, 'Wow, Stella, you looked great today!' That makes Stella feel a little calmer. As the girls walk out, Molly starts to talk about the show again. She tells Stella, 'My parents are coming and both of my sisters. Even my grandparents might come!'

That night at dinner, Stella tells her parents and her brother that dance class was better today. She asks them whether they will be coming to the recital. Stella's dad checks his calendar and looks at Stella's mom. 'I'll be there for sure,' he says, 'but that's the weekend your mom is on a work trip.'

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