Short-Term Business Goals: Definition & Examples

Instructor: Allison Tanner
In this lesson, learn how reaching short-term goals allows a company to eventually meet their long-term mission oriented goals. This lesson also describes the importance of short-term goals and provides examples of what they may look like.

Short-Term Goals

As the Strategic Development Manager for a national cable company your department wants to increase the quality of customer service provided. Your long-term goal is for the company to be nationally recognized for top of the line customer service by the end of next year! To reach this goal, you will need to set several short-term goals, or goals that your company can achieve over several weeks or months.

Short-term goals are specific objectives that your company aims to reach over several weeks, or months, and no more than one year. Your short-term goals are smaller, subsets of goals that you set in order to achieve your long-term goal. They should be easily obtainable, and easily measurable, so that you can evaluate your progress towards the long-term goals.


You know that the long-term goal of your company is to be nationally recognized for excellent customer service. To achieve this long-term goal, you want to set smaller goals that your company can work on over the next several weeks and months.

Using your cable company's goal to increase customer service, you set the following short-term goals:

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