Sight Words for Sixth Grade Students

Instructor: Summer Stewart

Summer has taught creative writing and sciences at the college level. She holds an MFA in Creative writing and a B.A.S. in English and Nutrition

Expanding your vocabulary is an important part of becoming a good writer and communicator. Sixth graders are expected to learn plenty of new sight words to help understand the topics taught throughout the school year. In this lesson, we are going to cover 12 sight words.


Do you remember when you had to learn sight words in first or second grade? Sight words in the early grades help you learn how to read, and many of those words don't follow standard spelling rules. A sight word is a word that you need to memorize because it is a very popular word in our language. In sixth grade, there are plenty of words that you need to learn. Not only will you be expected to know how to spell these words, but you will need to know what they mean as well. In this lesson, we are going to go over twenty sight words that you will be expected to learn this year. But first, let's look at some strategies on how to remember sight words.

Sight Word Strategies

  • Write the words on flash cards and go over them twice a day.
  • Practice using new sight words in sentences. This will help you learn how to use these words properly.
  • Write the words five times each day in a notebook.

Sight Words

Read and review these sight words. Each one comes with an example to help you understand its meaning.


LOL is an abbreviation for Laugh Out Loud

The verb 'abbreviate' means to shorten.

Example: She abbreviated her address from '130 Grant Street' to '130 Grant St.'.


Scotsmens have a different accent that other English speakers

Do you know anyone in class with a funny accent? The word 'accent' is a noun that describes the way a person speaks. For example, somebody with a Southern accent might stretch out their vowels.

  • The girl from South Africa had a very thick accent.


Narrating means to tell a story
book narrate

'Narrate' is a verb meaning 'to tell'. You will see this word a lot in language arts class because it used to talk about literature. A person can narrate a story, a poem, or an article. The word can also refer to somebody reading aloud.

  • Mom narrated the story about how I lost my first tooth to the dentist.


A 'quotient' is the answer to a division problem.

  • After an hour of working on the division problem, Mary finally figured out the quotient.


Psychology is the science of the mind and behavior

'Psychology' is the word for the science of the human mind and behavior.

  • In sixth grade, we study Sigmund Freud, one of the leading scientists of psychology.


Books are full of knowledge

Everything that you know is 'knowledge'. Knowledge is a noun defined as knowing information that has been gained through 'experience or association'. A body of knowledge can be everything a person knows, or it can be facts related to a specific field of study.

  • The knowledge that she had on evolution wasn't enough to beat her opponent in the debate.


The dog is irritated by a cat

Sometimes you irritate your mother. 'Irritate' is a verb that means to bother or anger, and it is used to explain how one thing or person irritates another thing or person.

  • Samantha irritated her older brother when she sprayed him with the hose.


Some people with psychic powers can see into the future using a crystal ball

A person with supernatural powers or the ability to channel spiritual energy would be defined as being psychic. 'Psychic' is an adjective used to describe somebody's mental abilities that exist beyond physical boundaries.

  • My mom said that grandma was psychic because she could sense the spirits of the dead.


The squirrel gnaws on the food

'Gnaw' is a verb used to refer to a type of chewing. The word is often used when talking about rodents.

  • The mouse gnawed on the wires stored behind the wall.


The winning team excelled

The verb 'excel' means to do something incredibly well. Many people use it to compare one person to another person. For example, somebody might say that one student excels at multiplication more so than another student.

  • Mark excelled at all subjects in school, but he wasn't very good at sports.


Freeways are an example of a roadway system
freeway system

A 'system' is a group of things working together as a whole. For example, the digestive system includes several separate organs working together to accomplish one goal.

  • The roadway system was built to channel all of the traffic onto one freeway.


The stones are irregular because they are not all the same shape
irregular stone

The adjective 'irregular' describes how something doesn't conform to standards. The prefix -ir means 'not', so the word literally means 'not regular'.

  • The girl's hair was irregular because it was long on one side and short on the other side.


Stories about unicorns are myths
myth unicorn

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