Sigmund Freud Activities

Instructor: John Hamilton

John has tutored algebra and SAT Prep and has a B.A. degree with a major in psychology and a minor in mathematics from Christopher Newport University.

Educate your high school students about Sigmund Freud with these hands-on activities. The activiites in this asset will help develop students' cooperative, communicative, and critical-thinking skills.

Sigmund Freud

Although controversial at times, the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud was a pioneer in studying the subtle intricacies and unanswered riddles that the human mind has to offer. Even though some of his theories are no longer accepted, he was a pioneer of research in a nascent scientific field. When it comes to book learning about Freud, the material can be quite complex, so these hands-on activities will be of benefit to your high schoolers as they work in pairs and groups.

Dream Interpretations

Materials: clipboard, couch (optional), internet device, paper, writing implements

Freud was famous for his interpretation of dreams. In this activity, your students will write a one-page paper about one of their recent dreams and then describe it to the class. In advance of this exercise, remind your students to not include any inappropriate content in their stories. When the students have presented their dreams, divide them into small groups and have them interpret what each dream meant. Then have the students meet back in one large group and have them explain each group's analysis of the dreams.

Discussion Question: Would our lives be better or worse if we didn't dream at all? Why?

Ego Vs. Id Vs. Superego Skits

Materials: internet access, paper, writing instruments

  • According to Freud, the ego, id, and superego make up the three parts of the self. In this activity, your students will act out the three personality types. Divide them into three large groups. Tell them:
    • Group One, you will be Team Ego.
    • Group Two, you will be Team Id.
    • Group Three, you will be Team Superego.
  • Allow them to meet in their large groups to research the three psychological concepts.
  • Then have the groups create skits about the ego, id, and superego.
  • When they are through, have them present the three skits to the entire class.
  • Here comes the fun part. Now have the three groups mix together and interact by speaking aloud unrehearsed. This will be like an improv comedy group. Remind the students not to use any inappropriate language.

Discussion Question: Is the ego, id, or superego the most important to the human condition? Explain your answers.

Sigmund Freud Timeline

Materials: internet access, posterboard, writing utensils

In this activity, your students will recreate a timeline of the major events in Freud's life. Events could include:

  • His birth in Moravia on May 6, 1856
  • Becoming a doctor of medicine in 1881
  • Marriage to Martha Bernays in 1886
  • Visit to the United States of America in 1909.
  • Death in London on September 23rd, 1939.

After your students have researched key dates in the life of Freud, have them work together in pairs to draw timelines on their posterboard. When they are done, have the students share their timelines with the entire class.

Discussion Question: Other than his birth and death, what was the single most important event in the life of Sigmund Freud?

What Is Sigmund Freud Thinking?

Materials: internet access, paper, writing utensils

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