Silk Road Gallery Walk Ideas

Instructor: Nora Jarvis

Nora has a Master's degree in teaching, and has taught a variety of elementary grades.

A gallery walk is an instructional strategy that will especially appeal to your kinesthetic learners, as well as other students who appreciate variety in classroom activities. This lesson provides gallery walk ideas for teaching about the Silk Road.

How to Use a Gallery Walk

Want to get your students to take a more active role in learning? Try a gallery walk. A gallery walk mimics the way people explore galleries and museums. They wander around a room and look at the different artwork. Naturally, sometimes people are drawn more toward certain pieces of art, but they take a chance to see everything. Sometimes they chat about the art with others who also are examining the art.

This is exactly how a gallery walk in your classroom can work. Things are displayed about a topic on the wall, sometimes questions or text that you or your students have put together. Students walk around the classroom and spend time looking at and talking about each item. Afterwards, you gather the class together to debrief what they talked about with other students and their reactions to each item.

Use this collection of gallery walk ideas as you teach the Silk Road to your students.

Gallery Walk of Questions

What better way to get students talking with each than providing several interesting questions on a topic? As you set up your gallery walk, select seven to ten engrossing questions around your room. You'll want to have about three to four students gather around each question during the activity, so adjust the number of questions to accommodate the size of your class. Make sure that you choose questions that will foster discussion. Instead of fact-based questions, consider including questions that will make the students compare and contrast or make a judgment about something.

You may consider asking:

  • How do you think the Silk Road changed China?
  • What impact did the Silk Road have on other areas like Japan, Europe and Africa?
  • Why do you think historians call it the Silk Road?
  • What is the difference between the Silk Road and the Persian Royal Road?

Gallery Walk of Quotes

Quotes are a great way to get your students thinking about people that impacted the Silk Road. When you use quotes, try to find ones that vary in content. For ancient events, find quotes from historians that are experts in that particular subject. It might be helpful to also include a little bit about the sources of the quotes.

You may consider including:

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