Six Sigma Green Belt: Certification & Definition

Instructor: Brianna Whiting
Many individuals want to be an asset to their company. One way to do so is to get certification in Six Sigma. In this lesson, we will learn about one level of certification, which is known as Green Belt certification.

A First Look at Six Sigma

Many companies want to operate smoothly. They want each process to be as close to perfect as possible so that they can eliminate any unnecessary costs. One way a company can make sure their company is running at its best is to apply a concept known as Six Sigma. Six Sigma is the method of eliminating all defects from all processes. This means making sure every process ranging from production to customer interaction is functioning at the highest standard the company can achieve.

To reach this level of excellence, many individuals go through extensive training in order to oversee and implement Six Sigma. For this lesson, we will focus on a more intermediate level of certification known as a Green Belt.

Green Belt

So what is a Green Belt? What do they do? Well, there are several levels of Six Sigma certification. It starts with a Champion, followed by a Green Belt, then a Black Belt, and concludes with a Master Black Belt.

Those that fulfill the role of Green Belt are knowledgeable of Six Sigma and work closely with Black Belts, helping them with their company's major projects. Green Belts are skilled enough to even lead their own minor projects, which mostly consist of improvement-type projects. They also promote Six Sigma throughout the company by making sure it is used throughout all processes, and by providing any needed information to those that may not be familiar with Six Sigma. Some other tasks and responsibilities of a Green Belt are solving quality problems and understanding and practicing lean, which is eliminating wasteful practices in a company.

Green Belt Certification

Once an individual has decided to become a Green Belt, they need to get certified. But how do they do so? In this section, we will focus on the process of becoming Green Belt certified.

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