Six Sigma Master Black Belt: Certification & Definition

Instructor: Brianna Whiting
Many people want to become certified in Six Sigma. While each level of certification is a great accomplishment, perhaps the greatest of all is that of Master Black Belt. In this lesson we will learn what a Master Black Belt is, and how you can get that certification.

Ideal Company

Companies are always trying to improve themselves. This means trying to find ways to decrease their costs and increase their profits. Finding ways to do things better, faster, and more efficiently is the focus of all those companies wanting to grow. One way companies are finding success in their growth and minimizing their costs is by implementing Six Sigma. Six Sigma is the method of trying to get rid of all of the defects in all of the processes. This means any and all processes a company partakes in. Mastering Six Sigma means a company is as close to perfection as possible. While perfection is probably impossible to achieve, companies are willing to train employees to see how closely they can come to it. In this lesson we will learn about the highest certification and training an individual can reach in Six Sigma, which is known as Master Black Belt.

Master Black Belt

So what is a Master Black Belt? Well, a Master Black Belt is an individual that is considered an expert of Six Sigma. A Master Black Belt is responsible for making sure improvement practices are implemented in all areas of the company.

Those with Master Black Belt certification provide support systems to those individuals that are also certified in Six Sigma, but at a lower level, such as Black Belt, Green Belt, and Champions. One large task for Master Black Belts is fulfilling the role as a teacher/trainer. This means they are continuously taking part in classroom training sessions, while developing Six Sigma curriculum. They complete these tasks, all while maintaining strong relationships and networks with other Master Black Belts in order to make the program stronger.


Now that we know what a Master Black Belt is, let's take a look at what it takes to get certified.

1. Experience--Any individual who wants to become a Master Black Belt needs to already be a qualified Black Belt. In addition, the candidate needs to have either 5 years fulfilling the role of a Master Black Belt or have completed 10 Six Sigma Black Belt projects.

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