Skin Lesson for Kids: Layers & Parts

Instructor: Rachel Torrens
Your skin is an amazing organ! But did you know the skin is actually made up of three layers? In this lesson, learn about each of these layers and how they make your skin so cool, literally!

How is Your Skin like Lasagna?

Do you like lasagna? Well, I do. I love lasagna because of all its layers. There are the noodle layers, the meat layers, and the cheese layers. When all of them combine in your mouth it makes an amazingly delicious bite!

Believe it or not, your skin is similar to lasagna! The skin is made of three types of layers, too. Let's look at them!

The Layers of Your Skin


Before reading further, touch your index finger to your eyelid. You just touched your epidermis! The epidermis is the topmost layer of skin, the part of the skin you can see.

The epidermis is comprised of many different types of skin cells; each of which serves a unique function. Some skin cells help to make new skin cells. This is necessary because your skin cells are constantly dying and being shed. Another type of skin cell determines the color of your skin. And yet other skin cells make the building blocks to make fingernails and hairs!

The thickness of the epidermis varies depending on the body part. Touch your eyelid again. Now touch the bottom of your heel. Both areas are covered with epidermis, but the epidermis over your eyelid is much thinner and softer than the epidermis over the heel of your foot.

The epidermis is the top most layer of skin. It contains five different types of skin cells.
The epidermal layer image


The dermis is directly beneath the epidermis. The dermis contains blood vessels, hairs, sweat glands, oil glands and nerve endings. Whoa, that's a lot! But it explains why the dermis is the thickest layer of the skin. Now, we'll talk about each part found in the dermis individually:

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