Snail Habitat: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: April Inocente
You have seen them crawling around pretty much anywhere you go. Look around after it rains, and they will come out in large numbers. Snails may look gross, but they are a part of our planet. Learn all about where they live and their amazing habitats in this lesson.

Snails Have Homes

Snails are soft, slimy, and many people enjoy them on their dinner plate! You read correctly! Many people around the world eat snails as an appetizer or with their dinner. Sounds delicious, doesn't it?

Freshwater snails eating plants
Snails eating vegetation

There are thousands of different snail species. Snails live on every continent on Earth, including Antarctica, where scientists think there are some snail species living in the oceans. They also have a very important feature that allows them to have protection everywhere they go - their shells.

Snails have a shell on their back, which is perfect to retreat into for protection and to seal themselves up when the weather is dry or lacking rain. Snails that live in dry areas tend to have thicker shells so they can stay sealed longer without drying out, and snails that live in wetter climates tend to have thinner shells. They literally carry their house around with them everywhere they go.

Land Snails

You may have seen snails in your yard, the sidewalk, on trees, and on your window after a rain shower or thunderstorm. The different species of land snails can live pretty much anywhere there is land, other than Antarctica. They can live in cold, warm, or hot climates with dry or wet landscape. They can live on the ground, in trees, under rocks, on top of high mountain peaks, or dry deserts. Being cool is what snails are all about. We are not talking about being the cool kid on the block. They need to stay cool, so they burrow down into desert sand or the moist dirt depending on where they live. They may also retreat under leaves or rocks to stay cool.

Snails that you might find in your yard live about an inch or less under the ground in the moist dirt. They don't have the chore of cleaning dirt from their house because it is their house! When it rains, the soil, or dirt, gets flooded with water so they come above ground to avoid drowning. They live alone and keep on the move looking for plants to eat.

Land snail in the dirt
Land Snail

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