Snake Habitat: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Kerry Momnie

Kerry has taught for eleven years in grades 4-8 and is currently a 5th grade classroom teacher. Kerry also has a master's degree and is a certified reading specialist.

You have probably come across a snake before, maybe in your garden or in a pond or even a pet store, but do you know much about how a snake spends its days? Let's dive into the habitat of these sneaky, slithery animals!

Where Do Snakes Live?

Snakes are common animals and chances are that you have seen a snake slithering around at some point in your life. They can be found on every continent on Earth except Antarctica and can be found in a variety of habitats. A habitat is a place where an animal naturally lives and includes the animal's surroundings and home.

Some snakes live in habitats on land, including forests, prairies, and deserts. Others live in water environments. Even though snakes can be found all over the world, most of the snakes live in warm tropical climates.

Did you know that snakes need to control their own body temperature? You can find snakes laying in the sun to warm themselves up and slithering to shady spots to cool themselves down. Snakes that live in cold places hibernate (sleep) all throughout the winter so that they survive!

Tropical Habitats

Most snakes live in tropical rainforests around the world. This habitat is home to both poisonous snakes, such as mambas and cobras, as well as constrictors, like pythons and boas.

It's no wonder that snakes love to live in this habitat! The temperatures are warm year-round, which means snakes do not need to hibernate in the winter. The floor of a rainforest is also shady and wet, so snakes can stay cool on hot, sunny days. Best of all, tropical rainforests are full of food for snakes to eat, like insects and birds!

Boa Constrictor
Boa Constrictor

Desert Habitats

Deserts are very hot and dry environments and are home to different species of snakes, including the commonly known rattlesnake. Snakes who live in the desert move around throughout the day to different places to warm up and cool down. Early in the morning, snakes will lay in the sun to warm up, and during the hottest part of the day, they will go in holes, hide under rocks and bushes, or even bury themselves in the sand to stay cool.


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