Snowy Owl Habitat: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: April Gwen Ellsworth

April has a master's degree in psychology and has experience teaching special populations from preschoolers to adults.

Harry Potter's pet snowy owl, Hedwig, came from a store in a magical land, but where do most snowy owls live? What do they eat, and what kind of animals live around them? Find out these answers and more neat facts about the snowy owl by reading on.

About Snowy Owls

The snowy owl is one of the largest of all owls. It has thick white feathers with brown bars and spots, yellow eyes, and strong claws. As you might expect, the snowy owl lives in snowy areas. Actually, the snowy owl's habitat is mostly in the Arctic.

Snowy Owl
snowy owl

Arctic Habitat

The Arctic is the uppermost, or most northern, part of the earth. Scientists call the Arctic the area surrounding the North Pole. Think of an imaginary line drawn around the top of the globe that includes Alaska, Canada, Iceland, and northern Russia. This is the Arctic.

Arctic Weather

Snowy owls like the Arctic because it is very cold and snowy most of the time. However, there are also some cool and even warm months. Because of the way the earth is tilted, the Arctic has six months of nighttime and six months of daytime. Imagine being able to play outside all day and night for the half of the year that never gets dark!

Arctic Plants

As we learned, not every season in the Arctic is super cold. In fact, it gets warm enough for a variety of plants to grow, including shrubs, flowers, berries, grasses and mosses.

Arctic Animals

The snowy owl shares its habitat with a variety of animals. It preys on the smaller animals like the lemming, which is the snowy owl's favorite, as well as hares, small birds, rodents, and fish.

Larger Arctic animals that share the snowy owl's habitat include the polar bear, walrus, seal, reindeer, musk ox, and moose. The snowy owl's predators include the wolf, arctic fox, and bald eagle.

The purple areas of this map show where snowy owls live.


When talking about the snowy owl's habitat, it's important to mention migration because the snowy owl moves around a lot. Migration happens when animals, like the snowy owl, move long distances from one location to another when the seasons change.

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