Soccer Unit Plan

Instructor: Shanna Fox

Shanna has been an educator for 20 years and earned her Master of Education degree in 2017. She enjoys using her experience to provide engaging resources for other teachers.

Soccer is an engaging sport, but it also has a rich history, a great deal of technique and strategy, and a competition like no other - the World Cup. This unit plan will help students of all ages develop a comprehensive view of this exciting sport.


Soccer is a popular sport world-wide. Although the rules are straightforward, there is also a lot of strategy involved. When guiding students through the learning process in playing this exciting game, starting with a bit of background is helpful. Not only does it infuse literacy into an active play unit of study, it also helps provide context. After building a foundation of facts, students are ready to engage in game play! A basic understanding of the rules and play positions is developed before launching into in-depth strategy lessons. This unit plan covers the gamut from history of soccer to passing technique to the World Cup and can be adapted to suit any grade level.

The History of Soccer

Start by introducing students to soccer with a basic run-down of how to win a soccer game. After all, that's really what they want to know so satisfy that curiosity from the start. Consider showing a quick video clip of game play, maybe an intense moment at a recent or past World Cup. This quick infusion of multimedia will serve as both an attention grabber and a background builder.

Then, select either the higher-level text lesson, Origins & Evolution of Soccer or a simplified text version, Soccer Lesson for Kids: History & Facts. This text material will engage students in learning some facts about the history of soccer. In addition, conduct a quick formative assessment by using the accompanying quizzes.

You may even want to consider providing the quiz at the start of the lesson as an anticipation guide to see how much students already know, proceed to reading the text lesson of your choice, and return to the quiz at the end to show what they learned.

The Basics of Soccer

Intorduce soccer basics with either this lower-level engaging multimedia Basic Soccer Skills Video Lesson or with the higher-level detailed text lesson The Rules of Soccer & Responsibilities of Players. Again, quizzes are included in both lessons and could serve as a great quick formative assessment, as well as a way to identify and activate prior knowledge.

Soccer Strategy

When moving forward to the strategy portion of the unit, start by providing Offensive and Defensive Strategy in Soccer for students to read with a partner. This resource provides an excellent overview of upcoming lessons.

Prepare students for game play with these strategy lesson plans:

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