Social Awareness Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

The following project ideas are intended to help your students practice social awareness, developing skills for empathy, communication, self-reflection, and social action.

Social Awareness

Social awareness refers to a person's ability to utilize empathy to connect with others, notably those of different backgrounds and beliefs, as well to recognize problems around the world and resources for addressing personal and social issues. The following projects are designed to help students practice these, developing social awareness for use in the classroom and throughout life. These projects are made to be adaptable to various grade levels.

Social Awareness Project Ideas

Personal Exhibits

For this project, every student is going to select a topic that matters to them personally, something they are interested in and connected to. This could be a hobby, an art form, a cause, a family tradition, a sport, etc. Each student will curate a simple pop-up museum exhibit that fits on their desk in which they present things related to this topic and their connection to it. This could include making a poster board display, using dioramas, bringing in physical artifacts or objects, or anything else students need. The point of this is to let students express their personalities. Designate a day for everyone to set up their pop-up desk museums, and let students tour each other's exhibits. You can ask students to write up a response paper afterwards, reflecting on what they learned about their classmates' interests and lives from these exhibits and talking about how exhibits like these help build empathy.

  • Materials: Art and craft supplies as desired

Fundraiser/Relief Event

This project can be completed by students in groups or as a whole class. Start by asking students to do some research on issues in the world and to look into things they feel passionate about. This could include things like homelessness, suicide prevention, disaster aid/relief, human rights, etc. Students will ultimately present their topic to the group/class, and the entire group/class will vote on one of these to pursue.

With their topic, the groups/class will begin to plan some sort of event to raise awareness as well as money or supplies to benefit this cause. Students will plan the logistics of this event, promote it using social media or other outlets, and then actually host the event. Any money or supplies raised will be sent directly to that cause, which may require students to research various charities and organizations to help allocate donations.

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