Social Selling: Importance, Value & Benefits

Instructor: Danielle Reed

Danielle works in digital marketing and advertising. She holds a bachelor's degree in English and an MBA.

In this lesson, we identify and describe the value and importance of social selling to modern businesses and sales professionals. We also cover its benefits to sales professionals and consumers.

Social Selling: Importance, Value, & Benefits

Log in to your favorite social media platform and scroll through your feed of friends. While on your feed, you're certain to catch a few examples of social selling. Social selling is the use of social media to interact directly with prospective clients. This can occur with answering direct questions, providing content to clients, and developing relationships. Social selling happens on every social media platform including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Importance of Social Selling

According to LinkedIn, 90 percent of the top salespeople in the country use social selling tools, which compares to 71 percent of all sales professionals. The basis of selling has always been meeting potential customers where they are, and this also applies to social media. As evidenced by this statistic, the most successful sales professionals are getting the edge by meeting customers online.

Social selling develops brand advocates, which are people or customers that speak favorably about a brand to other consumers.

Benefits of Social Selling for Sales Professionals

If a company invests time into social selling, there will be a considerable return on investment. The largest benefits of social selling are the number of leads generated, the genuine connections, the customer connections post-purchase, and client relationships on social media.

  • Generating Leads: Social selling makes it easy to segment an audience by factors previously unknown, such as income level, gender, age, and even job title. According to the Social Selling Trends Report for 2017, people that make use of social selling are 40 percent more likely to achieve revenue milestones than non-social companies.
  • Building a Genuine Connection with an Audience: If you connect with your audience via social selling, it feels more authentic. LinkedIn found ninety-four percent of salespeople believe that social networks give them insights like trigger points and job changes to create a natural way to connect. For example, a company that sells a health product can reach out to online reviewers for more information about their ailments and relief.
  • Helping a Customer Stay Connected Post-Purchase: Connecting post-purchase is simple when a client is on social media. For example, a company that sells bags can easily find users of its product via hashtags and then connect post-purchase. Even a quick discount, a repost of a customer photo, or a thank you to an inbox can translate into a future sale.
  • Meeting Clients Where They Are: If clients are already online, meeting them on social media is easy. Social media gives companies the ability to get a 'foot in the door' without walking into a building. For example, after they visit a company's Facebook page, sending an automatic message to new customers can drive future sales.

Benefits of Social Selling for Consumers

As a consumer, social selling means benefits like increased access to discounts, stronger relationships with companies, and inside knowledge of an organization. Consumers are incentivized to participate with social selling efforts because of these benefits.

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