Social Stories for Anger

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Anger is one of the most difficult emotions children have to handle, yet it is inevitable that they will face it at some point. These social stories will help your students learn more about anger management.

Social Stories and Anger

A social story is a succinct piece of scripted language designed to help students talk themselves productively through stressful situations. Social stories are particularly useful for students with autistic spectrum disorders, students who struggle with speech and language, and students who have poor social skills or emotional regulation. This lesson offers social stories pertaining specifically to helping students learn to cope with anger.

When Someone Is Angry at You

I know that sometimes other people get angry at me. The people who care about me most sometimes get angry with me. My mom sometimes gets angry if I forget to clean my room or if I give the fish too much food. My sister sometimes gets angry with me if I take her toys and do not give them back. She gets angry if I hit her, too. My teachers get angry with me if I do not try my best or if I bother other students.

People show that they are angry with me in different ways. Some people yell, some people make faces that look a little scary, and some people tell me with words that they are angry.

When people are angry with me, I feel sad and worried. It makes me wish that I did not do the thing that made them angry. Sometimes, I worry that they do not love me anymore or that they will always be angry with me.

When I get sad because someone is angry with me, sometimes I cry or feel very small and quiet. Other times I get a lot of energy and start acting really silly.

It helps to apologize to the person. I can say, I'm really sorry for making you angry. I can listen carefully to what the person says about it and think about how to try harder next time. It also helps to tell myself, That person really loves me. This helps me remember that the angry feelings will not last forever. Sometimes, I write the person a note saying that I will try harder next time, and sometimes I do something especially nice to make up for it.

When You Get Angry

I have a lot of different feelings. Sometimes I am happy, excited and surprised. Sometimes I am sad, worried or frustrated. Sometimes I feel angry. When I am angry, it usually means that something has happened to upset me. Sometimes, I feel angry at a particular person, and other times I feel angry about a situation.

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