Social Stories for Being Bossy

Instructor: Abigail Cook
Social stories can be a powerful tool in helping children change their behavior. Let's look at a couple of examples of stories about kids who have a hard time getting along with peers because they are bossy.

Social Stories

Social stories are often used to help teach students how to behave in different situations. Some students don't naturally pick up on social cues, or nonverbal communication. They might not realize how their behavior affects others, or how to change in order to be liked and accepted by their peers. Social stories may be used for students with or without disabilities. Any student who struggles with social skills could benefit from a personal social story that teaches them specific ways to change their behavior.

Social stories are usually written with the student as the main character. The story is about a specific situation or problem that the student struggles with. It could be inviting a friend to play, taking turns, or being a good sport. This lesson will provide two examples of a social story for someone who has a hard time fitting in because they are bossy.

Elementary School Student

This story is written for a younger child. Each line below would be written on a separate page, so that it looks more like a book. It may also be more engaging to add pictures.

My name is Alissa, and I'm a fourth grader at Sun Valley Elementary School.

I have lots of friends that I like to play with during recess.

Sometimes my friends don't play the way I want them to.

They don't always play games by my rules, or play the same things I like to play.

When this happens, I get upset.

Sometimes I tell my friends what to do. I tell them that they have to play handball before we can play on the monkey bars.

I tell them that we have to play regular tag and not freeze tag, or any other kind of tag.

My friends have told me that I'm being bossy. This makes me feel sad.

I want my friends to have fun playing with me, and I don't want them to think I'm bossy.

So when I play with my friends at recess, I have to remember three things.

First, it's okay to let other people choose what we're going to play.

Second, there are lots of ways to play different games and we don't always have to play my way.

Third, I can let one of my other friends be in charge sometimes, and I can follow along with the group.

When I do these things, my friends like me and want to play with me.

When I'm kind and not bossy, it makes my friends happy.

It also makes me happy!

High School Student

The story below is written with an older student in mind. This story would be written in paragraph form on a single page.

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