Social Stories for Being Nice to Pets

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

It is so important for students to learn to treat animals properly and take good care of them. This lesson offers social stories that will help your students understand why and how to be nice to pets.

Social Stories and Animal Care

Social stories can be incredibly helpful in teaching students with special needs how to behave in tricky, stressful or confusing life situations. Essentially, social stories are scripted anecdotes told from the voice of a hypothetical student who is struggling with something that might be familiar to your students. These stories offer specific language and strategies that students can learn from and apply to their own lives. One thing that some students with special needs struggle with is treating animals with care and respect. The social stories in this lesson focus on why it is important to be kind to pets, teaching students what they can do to make sure they are treating pets properly.

Taking Care of Pets

For a long time, I wanted a dog. I kept asking my parents to get us a dog, and finally, they decided we were ready! We went to an animal shelter and picked out a beautiful puppy. Now the puppy lives with us, and she is our pet. It is my job to learn to be nice to our puppy, because she is like part of our family now. We have to be nice to pets because they are living things who deserve our love, attention and respect.

One way to be nice to pets is to make sure we take care of them properly. Taking care of pets means finding out what they need and making sure we meet their needs. Just like I need food and water, my puppy needs food and water. Every day, I check her food bowl to be sure it is full. A few times a day, I can even give her a treat! I have to make sure her water bowl is full too.

Taking care of my puppy also means giving her exercise. I take her for a walk in the afternoon, and my parents walk her in the morning and at night. Sometimes, I feel too tired to walk her. I tell myself, 'It is my job to be nice to my pet, and being nice means giving her exercise.' Usually we have fun when we go walking together.

Being nice to my puppy also means playing with her. She likes to chase a ball and bring it back. She likes when I scratch behind her ears and rub her belly gently. I can tell my puppy is happy when she wags her tail. If she barks, it means she does not like something. It feels good to learn to take care of her and be nice to my puppy.

Being Gentle With Pets

In my house, we have three different cats. The cats are funny and cuddly. I like to pet them and play with them. One of them even sleeps in my room sometimes! I really love my cats.

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