Social Stories for Brushing Your Teeth

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

One use for social stories is to teach self-help skills such as tooth brushing. In this lesson, you will find some sample social stories about brushing your teeth.

Personal Hygiene

Many students with cognitive or social disabilities struggle with areas of personal hygiene; sometimes teachers address these issues in school using social stories. Social stories explain the hows and whys of a social situation using simple, direct language and scenarios that students can relate to. In this lesson, you'll find examples of social stories about tooth brushing. You might want to add photographs of your students performing the steps involved in tooth brushing for added clarity and impact.

Social Stories for Brushing Teeth

Story One: When Should I Brush My Teeth?

Brushing my teeth is fun to do. I usually brush them at least twice, or even three times a day.

I brush my teeth in the morning after breakfast. That way my breath is nice and fresh, and the food from breakfast is out of my teeth. I start my day with a clean mouth.

I brush my teeth at night right before I go to bed. That way all the food and dirt from the day is gone, and I end the day with a nice clean mouth.

Sometimes I brush my teeth in the middle of the day. If I am getting ready to go somewhere and I want to look clean and feel fresh, I brush my teeth. If I eat something extra smelly for lunch and I want to have fresh breath, I brush my teeth.

Brushing teeth is important. I brush my teeth at least two times a day to keep my mouth clean.

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