Social Stories for Hitting

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

Social stories are excellent resources for teaching a variety of social and behavioral lessons. In this lesson, you will find social stories dealing with hitting and not hitting.

No Hitting!

If you teach young children, you've probably heard it hundreds of times: ''He hit me!'' How do you get it to stop? One helpful teaching tool is the social story. A social story describes a social situation and demonstrates appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Social stories can help students explore some of the reasons and motivations behind behavior as well. Here are some sample social stories about hitting.

Social Stories for Hitting

Story One: I Got in Trouble Today

I got in trouble at school today. We were lining up to go to art class, and Jason pushed in front of me to be line leader. I wanted to be line leader. I was so mad, I hit him on the shoulder.

My teacher Ms. Facetto saw me and made me stay behind while the class started walking to the art room. She said that hitting is wrong, no matter what Jason did to me. Ms. Facetto made me apologize to Jason for hitting him. She made Jason apologize to me, too. Then for our consequence, we had to sit out for part of recess. I had to bring home a note to Mom and Dad, too.

When I got home, Dad read the note. He told me that I should not hit people. He reminded me that I don't like it when someone hits me. Dad also took away my video game time for tonight and gave me chores to do instead.

Dad and Ms. Facetto are right: hitting is not a good choice. I'll try not to hit people anymore.

Story Two: She Hit Me First!

I was playing dolls with my friend Katherine, and she wanted to use my doll stroller. I told her ''no'' and kept using the stroller. That's when Katherine hit me. I didn't like it when she hit me, so I hit her back - just as Mom was walking into the room.

''No hitting! You need to apologize at once,'' Mom said.

''But Mom, she hit me first!''

''Just because Katherine hit you first doesn't mean you can hit her,'' said Mom. ''Hitting her back just makes the fight last longer. You need to stop and talk about why you two just hit each other.''

So me and Katherine talked about how we both wanted to use the doll stroller at the same time and got angry and frustrated. Mom helped us make a plan to share the stroller by taking turns. She also helped us to think of other ways to play with the dolls. Mom told us that friends sometimes disagree, but instead of hitting each other, we should remember we like each other and find other ways to solve our problems.

I told Katherine ''I'm sorry,'' and she said the same thing to me. Then we went back to playing with our dolls.

Story Three: I'm So Mad!

Sometimes I get so mad I want to hit someone. But Grandpa says that hitting is wrong, and I need to think of other things to do when I'm mad. I've been trying, and here are some ideas I've had.

I was reading my favorite book from the classroom shelf. Suddenly Sadie walked over and grabbed it out of my hands. I was so mad, I wanted to hit her. But I remembered what Grandpa said, so I didn't. Instead, I walked over to Sadie and said, ''I had the book first. May I have it back please?'' She didn't give it to me, so I asked again. The third time I asked, she gave the book back. I didn't hit her - I used my words.

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