Social Stories for Lining Up

Instructor: Abigail Cook
Social stories can be an effective way to help students prepare for new or challenging situations. This lesson will include example social stories about lining up.

Social Stories

Social stories are a strategy used to help students understand how to behave in different situations. While social stories were originally created for children with disabilities, any child might benefit from a personal story to help them through a tough situation. Social stories are a short, simple description of a situation that includes details about what to expect and how to respond.

Social stories are particularly helpful for children who need literal, concrete examples to understand new activities or situations. The stories are simple and easy to write, which makes it easy to personalize the story for students. They are often written with the student as the main character to help them see themselves going through the situation.

Social Story Ideas

Here are a few examples of students who might benefit from a social story.

  • Jeremy has a difficult time joining in games with his peers during recess. His teacher writes a social story called 'Can I Play?' that describes how Jeremy can approach other children, ask if he can play, and what to do if they say yes or no.
  • New experiences make Susan nervous, and she is feeling anxious about her first day of third grade. Her teacher writes a short story that outlines what the first day of school will be like, including the classroom routines and fun activities. This story is meant to prepare Susan in advance, giving her an idea of what to expect.

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