Social Stories for Making Friends

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

Social stories can be used as a teaching tool for a variety of skills and situations. In this lesson, you will find social stories about making friends.

Friendship Can Be Hard

Making and keeping friends is a lifelong occupation. For students with cognitive and social disabilities, making friends can be particularly difficult, as these students may struggle with taking initiative and reading social cues. One tool to teach students about making friends is the social story. Social stories give students step-by-step information about social situations, outlining expectations and strategies they can use. Here are some social stories about making friends that can be used or adapted for your class.

Social Stories for Making Friends

How Do You Make Friends?

Mom said I should make new friends. I told her I don't know how. Mom gave me three ideas.

  1. Invite someone to play with me.
  2. Join someone who is playing.
  3. Begin a conversation.

I am going to try some of Mom's ideas. I would like to make some new friends.

Invite Someone to Play

Today at recess, I was coloring with chalk on the ground. I saw a girl standing alone by the wall. I remembered what Mom told me: Invite someone to play with me.

I walked over to the girl and said, ''Do you want to color with me? I have chalk.''

The girl nodded, so I handed her a piece of chalk. She started to draw people. I was drawing flowers. She asked for the yellow chalk, and I gave it to her. Then I asked her name. She told me her name is Nadiya.

Nadiya and I colored with chalk until recess was over. At the end of recess, Nadiya said, ''Let's play again tomorrow.''

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