Social Stories for Playground Behavior

Instructor: Lori Sturdivant

Lori has a specialist's degree in Instructional Leadership/Mild Moderate and currently serves as the Lead Teacher for The University of Southern Mississippi's Autism Project.

Are you considering using social stories to teach appropriate playground behaviors? The following lesson will teach you how to write specific social stories. Example social stories templates are included!

What are Social Stories?

Social stories are narratives designed to improve the social skills of people with autism spectrum disorder, but they can be used for any student with deficits in social skills, behavior skills, adaptive skills, etc. Social stories help increase desired behaviors and decrease problem behaviors by describing through narratives different situations as well as how the student will respond in each situation. Most social stories include visuals to make the story more engaging and relevant to the students,

What is Appropriate Playground Behavior?

  • Sharing equipment
  • Using equipment appropriately (not standing on see-saw, etc.)
  • Leave sticks, dirt, sand, etc. on the ground
  • Line up when the bell rings
  • Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself

Social Story Examples

Let's look at two example social stories that you can use to teach students about appropriate playground behavior. The first is designed to solicit a desired behavior. The second is to decrease a problem behavior. You can use these templates to create your own very specific social stories.

What Would You Do?

A student slid down the slide on his stomach and sprained his wrist when he hit the ground hands first. This social story teaches children the appropriate way to use the playground equipment. It is designed to elicit a desired behavior for children ages pre-k through second grade.

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