Social Stories for Scissor Safety

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

Keeping students' physical safety in mind is an important part of educating them properly and helping them develop their independence. This lesson offers social stories specifically oriented toward teaching scissor safety.

Using Social Stories for Safety

As a teacher, it's our job to make sure that students are physically and emotionally safe at all times. It's also important for us to help students learn to keep themselves safe, especially as they grow older and more independent. Scissors are a tool that students often use in school, for art projects and for academic work. While mastering scissors is essential, it's also crucial for students to learn how to work safely with scissors.

One way to teach students about scissor safety is through using social stories, or scripted language told from the perspective of a hypothetical student. Social stories offer clear language and strategies that students can remember and draw on in complicated situations. The social stories in this lesson deal with scissor safety.

Young Children & Scissors

I'm so proud of myself because I just learned to cut with scissors! My scissors have blue handles, and the cutting part of them is silver. I love my scissors because I can use them to cut shapes, cut paper into smaller pieces, and even snip beautiful snowflakes!

I know that part of working with scissors means using them safely. Scissors are sharp, so I have to be careful when I'm using them. I should only touch the handle of my scissors, and I should never touch the sharp parts. I should use my scissors to cut paper and string, or other things that adults say are safe to cut. If I need to carry my scissors from one place to another, I should always walk. Running with scissors is not safe! I should hold the scissors in one hand with the point facing down. The scissors should always be closed when I'm moving them from one place to another.

When I'm done using my scissors, I have to put them away safely, too. They should be closed when I put them away, and I always put them away with the sharp part facing down, exactly where they belong. Being safe with scissors is part of learning to use them, and I'm so proud and happy that I know how to use them right!

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