Social Stories for Street Safety

Instructor: Amanda Robb
In this lesson, you'll be learning how to craft social stories to keep your students safe on the street. Here, we'll focus on keeping students safe while they are crossing the street and playing outside.

What Are Social Stories?

Social stories help students understand, objectively, what happens in a situation, how they may feel, how others feel, and how they are supposed to behave. This is especially helpful for students with autism, as they tend to have difficulties understanding how their actions affect others and the socioemotional state of people around them.

Keeping our students safe is one of our main priorities as teachers. Social stories can be used to teach students with autism safe behavior when they are both in the classroom and out on the street. Let's look at some examples of social stories for safe street behavior.

Crossing the Street

With a Parent

When I go out with my dad, we sometimes need to cross the street. Crossing the street can be dangerous because there are cars that drive on the road. The cars drive fast, and they could hurt us if we get in their way. To stay safe I should listen to my dad. I like being safe. Being safe makes me happy.

My dad will tell me to hold his hand and stick together. Sometimes I want to run away because I get excited or overwhelmed. If we are crossing the street it's very important that I still stay with my dad. If I run off, I can get hurt. I don't like being hurt.

Me and my dad will go to an intersection and wait for a walk signal. When I see the white walk signal I know its time to cross. My dad will let me know we can cross and we'll stay in the crosswalk. If I follow these instructions I will be safe crossing the street with my dad. I like being safe. My dad likes it when I am safe, too.

With a Crossing Guard

When I cross the street it's very important to be safe. Cars are very fast, and they can hurt me. I don't want to walk in front of a moving car because it might hit me. If I get hit by a car I will get hurt. I don't like being hurt. I like being safe. Being safe makes me happy.

I can stay safe on the street by paying attention to the crossing guard. A crossing guard is like a teacher. They tell us when it is safe to cross the street and they tell the cars to stop. A crossing guard wears a bright yellow coat so we can see them.

Show students exactly what to expect in target situations by using images in your social story.
crossing guard

When the crossing guard stops the cars, they will tell us to cross the street. I should walk in the crosswalk to stay safe. If I listen to the crossing guard and cross in the crosswalk, I can be safe when I cross the street. I like being safe. Being safe makes me happy.

Alone in a Crosswalk

Sometimes I have to walk by myself somewhere. It's very important that I cross the street safely. Cars drive very fast. If they hit you, you can get hurt. Lots of people cross the street everyday. There are things we can all do to stay safe. Staying safe makes me happy.

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