Social Stories for Students with Asperger's

Instructor: Abigail Cook
Some of our students need special instruction to learn social skills. This lesson will give you a few ideas on how to use social stories with students with Asperger's to help them cope with social situations.

Students with Asperger's Syndrome

Children with Asperger's are often overwhelmed or confused in social situations. Their deficits in communication and social interaction may significantly impact their ability to function at school and make friends. You may have noticed some of the following scenarios that students with Asperger's often experience:

  • Getting bullied
  • Awkwardly trying to engage with their peers
  • Becoming upset because of a change in the schedule
  • Failing to read nonverbal cues

Social Stories

One way to help our students with Asperger's syndrome is to use social stories. Social stories are an evidence-based teaching tool that helps students with disabilities learn new skills. They are usually written with a specific student in mind, outlining a skill that they need broken down. The story format helps engage students, while demonstrating real-life scenarios. Sometimes the stories show the student as the main character doing a skill step by step to demonstrate how it should look. Other times, social stories are written to help a student prepare for a new and unfamiliar event that is coming up.

This lesson will provide several examples of social stories that may be appropriate to use with students with Asperger's. Some of these stories are about a made-up character, and some are written with the student as the main character. Keep in mind that these stories can be adapted to fit your specific students and their needs.

Stories for Younger Students

The examples in this section are written with younger students in mind. Ideally, each line will be written on its own page with an illustration and then stapled together to make a book.

Buying School Lunch

My name is Peter and I am in first grade.

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