Social Stories for Teens

Instructor: Abigail Cook
Social stories are an effective strategy to help students learn a new skill. Teachers can help prepare their students for difficult social situations by writing stories that demonstrate the correct way to handle a scenario.

Social Stories

Social stories are a strategy used to teach students specific behaviors or skills. While originally designed to help students with autism, they are also used to help students with a variety of disabilities and can:

  • make for a more personalized behavior intervention.
  • reinforce correct behaviors.
  • teach behaviors and routines in a different, engaging way.

Social Stories for Teens

For older students, a social story is usually one to two paragraphs, written on one page. You may include pictures to make the story more engaging, but be careful to keep it age appropriate. These stories can be written in the first or third person, but the student is typically the main character.

This section includes a few examples of social stories you might use with a teenager. Keep in mind, the way you write a story will depend on the specific student with whom you are working. Reading levels, critical thinking and generalization skills, and student interests should all be considered before you create a social story.

Being on Time

Sarah is a 16-year-old girl at Wasatch High School. She takes five different classes and has a job at the city library, where she works one day a week. Sometimes it is difficult for Sarah to get everywhere she needs to be on time. She often misplaces her school supplies and waits until the last minute to leave. She also gets distracted as she walks from one place to another.

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