Social Stories for the Airport

Instructor: Abigail Cook
Social stories are a fun and effective tool for helping children prepare for unfamiliar situations and events. This lesson will provide two examples of social stories about going to the airport.

Social Stories

Some children have a difficult time understanding how they should behave in new situations. Other children get anxious about upcoming events that they've never experienced before. These children may benefit from an instructional tool called _social stories. Social stories are written for individual children with specific needs. They are written to help prepare a child for a new situation and to give the child a better idea of what they can expect. This lesson will provide two examples of social stories about going to the airport.

Airport Social Story 1

This first example is written for a child who needs a general idea of what their day at the airport will be like. It goes through the main events step by step to detail the different places in the airport and what their family will do at each place. Including realistic pictures of the airport on each page will help the child visualize what you're talking about. This social story would ideally look like a book, with one or two sentences written on each page with appropriate pictures.

At the Airport

Next week I am going on a trip with my family.

We will fly on an airplane to California to see my grandparents.

When we get to the airport, we will wait in line to get our tickets.

After we get our tickets, we will give our suitcases to someone who will put them on our plane.

Then we will walk to security where we will wait in another line.

Sometimes it takes a long time to get through security.

When it's our turn, we will take off our coats and shoes and walk through the scanner.

I may be able to just walk through and get my shoes and coat back on.

Or an airport security worker might ask me to stay while they scan me again.

My parents will be with me the whole time so I don't need to be nervous.

Next, we will walk to our gate. This is the place where our plane will be waiting.

When it's time to leave, we will walk onto the plane and find our seats.

This is when I'll be able to play games on my tablet.

After a couple of hours of flying, the plane will land.

When we get off the plane, we will be at a different airport in California.

My grandparents will be there waiting for us.

I am excited for my trip to California!

Airport Social Story 2

Some children may need a social story written to detail what will be expected of them. This story is written for someone who needs to remember certain rules while traveling with their family. It is written to help this child with specific challenges, including keeping their belongings with them, using an inside voice, and staying with their parents instead of wandering off. It could be written on a single page in paragraph format.

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