Social Stories for Wearing Glasses

Instructor: Abigail Cook
Wearing glasses can sometimes be annoying, inconvenient, or embarrassing, especially to a child. Some students may benefit from reading a social story about why it's important for them to wear their glasses.

Social Stories

Books and stories are a powerful teaching tool. Through stories, children can learn anything from how to make friends or how they should behave in school, to what they should do when approached by a stranger.

Social stories are written with specific children and situations in mind. The purpose of a social story might be to prepare a student for an upcoming event that is unfamiliar to them, like moving to a new school or meeting the babysitter. You may also write a social story to encourage a student to behave a certain way, or to understand why something is important.

The purpose of this lesson is to give you some ideas of how to write a social story about wearing glasses. These stories could be adapted to fit students of different ages, interests, and needs. Some students will be more motivated when they are the main character. Other students may be able to take a story about someone else in a similar situation to them and apply it to their own life. The examples below are written for two different age groups.

Elementary School Student

Younger children are more likely to be engaged in a story when it has short, simple sentences and pictures. Each of the lines below would be written on a separate page with a picture, so that the story looks more like a picture book:

My name is Jason Jones.

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