Social Stories on Patience

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

Learning to have patience is difficult for everyone. In this lesson, you will find some social stories that can be used to help students understand when and how they need to practice patience.

Patience Social Stories

Waiting is hard, and it can be especially hard when you don't understand everything that is going on. For students with cognitive and social disabilities, knowing how and when to display patience is a challenge. Social stories use brief scenarios to explain a variety of social expectations, such as having patience. These social stories can be used or adapted to teach your students about patience.

Story 1: Going to the Park

I woke up and looked out the window. It's super sunny outside. I want to go to the park! I asked Mom, and she said we can go later in the morning.

I ran and got my shoes and my jacket and stood by the door. Mom told me to put them down. She said I need to have patience, because we can't go to the park yet.

I started to cry. When Mom asked why, I told her I want to go to the park. Mom said I need to have patience, because it's not time yet.

Mom said that to help me have patience, we would make a plan. Here was the plan:

  1. Mom and I eat breakfast.
  2. Mom and I brush our teeth.
  3. Mom washes dishes while I play.
  4. Mom and I put on socks, shoes and jackets.
  5. Mom and I go to the park!

It wasn't easy to wait, but I followed Mom's plan, and I got to go to the park. I love the park!

Story 2: What a Long Line!

Mom and I are at the grocery store. I like to go with Mom to the grocery store because I like to see all the different kinds of food on the shelf. I also like to see what other fun things are hidden around the store, like crayons, straws and magazines.

There is one part of the grocery store that I don't like. I don't like to wait in line! We go through the store and put everything we want to buy into our cart, then we go to the front of the store. There, we look at all the cash registers and try to decide which one has the shortest line. Today, there are no short lines!

Mom and I get in a line and start to wait. Mom knows I don't like waiting, so she and I play some waiting games. Today we play ''I Spy.'' Mom says ''I spy something red,'' and I have to guess what she sees. When we get tired of ''I Spy,'' we play a counting game. We count the people in our line, then we count the magazines on the shelf beside the cash register.

This is such a long line! Finally, it is our turn at the cash register. The cashier scans our groceries, and Mom pays for them. Mom said I did a good job having patience in the long line. I hope next time the line is shorter!

Story 3: Have Patience

Grandpa's favorite thing to say is ''Have patience.'' He says it a lot.

I am going to the park with Grandpa, but we can't leave until Grandma comes home from the hairdresser. Grandpa says to have patience until it is time to go.

At the park, I want to go on a swing but all the swings are taken. Grandpa says to have patience until someone gets off a swing so I can have a turn.

After the park, Grandpa takes me to get ice cream. I am so excited, and I want it right away! Grandpa says to have patience, because it takes ten minutes to drive to the ice cream shop.

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